ProSep to Supply Crude Blending Systems for Three Offshore Platforms in GoM

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ProSep to Supply Crude Blending Systems for Three Offshore Platforms in GOM

ProSep Inc. has been awarded contracts for the supply of three ProMix proprietary crude blending systems for a total value of approximately $3 million.

These compact systems will be installed on three newbuild offshore platforms commissioned by a Latin American producer operating in the Gulf of Mexico, to efficiently blend light crude into heavy crude, achieving a uniform product to meet sales specifications. Delivery is expected to occur by the second half of 2013.

“After working with this customer for several years, we recently announced that they will be installing seven ProMix crude treatment systems at a large onshore facility. We are now delighted to offer this same technology for their newbuild offshore platforms,” said Jacques L. Drouin, President and CEO. “We believe these recent awards demonstrate customer recognition of the unique value obtained through acquisition of our proprietary technologies.”

The ProMix patented technology is a compact in-line injection and mixing system that achieves homogenization of multiphase flows with low associated pressure drop. The ProMix can be adjusted to maintain mixing efficiency as flow conditions change, improving the performance of production chemicals or wash water. In crude blending applications, the ProMix reduces the amount of lighter and expensive mixing crudes injected into heavy crude while achieving a homogenously blended product. ProSep’s proprietary ProMix technology can easily replace conventional mixing valves or static mixers in other applications such as crude desalting, chemical injection and gas dehydration. It provides significant process improvements, reduces environmental footprint and operating expenditures.

Press Release, October 17, 2012

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