Lir NOTF test facility (Courtesy of MaREI)

ProtoAtlantic sets up free access to Lir NOTF for offshore renewable energy startups

ProtoAtlantic project has launched a new program that will enable free access to the facilities of Lir-National Ocean Test Facility (Lir NOTF) for offshore renewable energy startups across the Atlantic Area.

Lir NOTF test facility (Courtesy of MaREI)
Lir NOTF test facility (Courtesy of MaREI)
Lir NOTF test facility (Courtesy of MaREI)

The program, dubbed ProtoAtlantic Customized Scale Start-Ups Support, is a result of collaboration between Lir NOTF facility and the ProtoAtlantic project, whose aim is to develop and validate a model for the prototyping and exploitation of innovative ideas in the maritime sector in the Atlantic Area.

Lir NOTF is Ireland’s primary facility for testing and development of offshore technologies and has a long track record in supporting offshore renewable energy (ORE), marine robotics, and marine biotechnology technologies through early stage TRL development.

This access program to the Lir NOTF is designed to enable the testing and progression of ORE technologies through the early development stages in advance of open sea testing.

It is open to any type of ORE technology, including wave, wind, tidal, and floating solar, as well as marine biotechnology, and marine robotics that can be tested at the facility.

Applicants will also be given the opportunity to avail of customized business support which will involve a business-oriented supporting process with high-level experts and coaches, the program organizers have said.

According to the program guidelines, applicants are required to contact the test facility to discuss proposed plans prior to applying.

The completed application forms with all necessary documentation should be submitted before December 23, 2022, according to the program.

The maximum access that will be granted is two weeks of tank testing, and all testing must be completed by May 2023 with feedback submitted within two weeks post testing.

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