PSV Juanita is Offshore Support Vessel of the year (Gallery)

A Platform Supply Vessel (PSV) named Juanita has won ‘Offshore Support Vessel of the year’ award by Offshore Support Journal.

The award ceremony was held in London on February 18, 2015.

The vessel was built by Kleven Verft, launched in September 2013 and delivered to Ugland Offshore in May 2014.

Juanita was designed by Salt Ship Design and it is of a of SALT 100 PSV design. It is 88.9 m long, 20 m in width and with accommodation for 24 persons.

Salt 100 combines innovation in design and technology to improve operating costs, improve safety and secure more efficient operations. Fuel consumption is low, and the vessel was the first of its kind to incorporate a new and more efficient cargo handling solution.

The vessel is under a two-year contract with Statoil with two additional one-year options.

Below is a video from Juanita’s launch ceremony:

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