QatarEnergy delivers 1st SGE-certified LNG cargo in Singapore

Qatar’s state-owned giant QatarEnergy has delivered the first liquefied natural gas (LNG) cargo paired with a Statement of Greenhouse Gas Emissions (SGE) to Singapore-based energy solutions provider Pavilion Energy.

Pavilion Energy

As informed, the company delivered the LNG cargo at the Singapore LNG Terminal. The SGE is a verified statement of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions associated with producing and delivering an LNG cargo from wellhead to discharge terminal.

Specifically, the SGE methodology was jointly published by Pavilion Energy, QatarEnergy and Chevron and seeks to become a common standard to measure, report and verify GHG emissions along the LNG value chain. The methodology provides a calculation and reporting framework for GHG emissions from wellhead-to-discharge terminal, based on industry standards.

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The partners want to drive greater transparency and enable stronger action on GHG reduction measures.

“Natural gas is expected to continue playing a key role in helping economies transit to a low carbon future for years to come. With the SGE methodology, we see it as a way to be accountable for the carbon emissions of LNG cargoes delivered and are elated to receive our first SGE methodology-certified cargo in Singapore,” Alan Heng, Group CEO of Pavilion Energy, said.

Intended for wide adoption, it paves the way for enhanced strategies towards a lower carbon future. Since its publication in 2021, the SGE methodology has been applied to six delivered LNG cargoes.

To remind, Pavilion Energy first imported a carbon-neutral LNG cargo into Singapore in 2021. Carbon emissions associated with the LNG cargo from well-to-tank including extraction, production, transportation, and regasification will be offset by retiring a corresponding amount of high-quality carbon credits sourced from its portfolio of carbon offset projects.

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