Ramboll Expands Offices to Tromsø, Norway

Ramboll Expands Offices to Tromsø in Norway

Ramboll Oil & Gas’ 4th Norwegian office opens up in Tromsø this summer. Initially, it is expected that environmental consultancy services to oil and gas companies working in the region will make up the primary service offering.

“Following two decades of providing consultancy in the Arctic, Ramboll is considered the leading independent engineering consultancy in the region, and now we have chosen Tromsø as the ideal location for our new office. Investments in oil and gas projects in the Norwegian Sea and the Barents Sea are record high, and with this new local presence we take another step in becoming the preferred environmental services provider to the industry,” explains John Sørensen, Managing Director of Ramboll Oil & Gas.

First employee is a well-known local environmental specialist

In three years Ramboll Oil & Gas has grown from employing 500 to nearly 1,000 oil and gas experts. To continue such growth indicators it is paramount gaining better foothold in the fast growing oil and gas market in Northern Norway. As the Arctic region is considered one of the most sensitive areas in the world, environmental considerations are urgent and imperative for future oil and gas activities. Therefore, Regional Director in Ramboll Oil & Gas Norway, Gro-Baade Mathiesen, is delighted to unveil the first employment at the new Tromsø office:

“Hands-on experience with working in the Arctic is essential when establishing our new office in Tromsø. Therefore, I am delighted welcoming Cathrine Henaug as our first new employee and future office leader for environmental services. Cathrine holds a Master of Biology/Ecology from the University of Tromsø and joins Ramboll from a position as Director for the Environmental Department at Troms County. I’m confident that Ramboll, our clients and the region as a whole will benefit greatly from Cathrine’s skills in balancing environmental challenges with business and society development,” says Gro-Baade Mathiesen.

Cathrine Henaug starts in her new job in Tromsø on 1 August 2013.


Press Release, May 01, 2013


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