RasGas: Barzan Gas Project Vital for Qatar

RasGas: Barzan Gas Project Vital for Qatar

The Barzan Gas Project, currently under development by RasGas Company Limited (RasGas), is a vital project for Qatar that will develop natural gas from the North Field to supply existing and new power generation and water desalination plants in Qatar.  The project will pay particular attention to safety of the workers engaged in the project construction and the environment.

Safety of our people, including all our contractors, remains the top priority during project execution. There will be around 20,000 workers at the peak of construction, coming from different backgrounds, languages and differing skill levels.    This will be a huge challenge and we intend to meet this with zero tolerance to injury.  RasGas has effective safety management programmes in place to achieve this,”said RasGas’ managing director, Hamad Rashid Al Mohannadi.

To minimise environmental impacts, we will implement various controls including world-class technology for combustion sources, innovative start-up flare minimisation strategies and marine protection initiatives using technologies in pipeline laying and offshore platform installation,”he added.

The Barzan Gas Project will utilise world-class sulphur recovery facilities to remove impurities from natural gas using ExxonMobil technology for tail gas treatment of the sulphur recovery plant.  This will allow the Barzan facility to have the highest recovery efficiency of any project in Ras Laffan City.

The Barzan Gas Project will supply natural gas to power generation and water desalination plants as well as small- and medium-sized industries in Qatar. The project will also produce ethane that will be used as feedstock in the local petrochemical industries in addition to propane and butane for export.    The Laffan Refinery will use condensates to produce diesel, gasoline and other products.

The project will be completed in two phases. Train 1 is expected to be operational in 2014 and Train 2 in 2015.

RasGas is the project manager and operator of the Barzan Gas Project, through a joint venture between Qatar Petroleum and an affiliate of ExxonMobil.


Source: RasGas, November 2, 2011