RasGas Shorebase Team Celebrates 17 Years without LTI

RasGas Shorebase Team Celebrates 17 Years without LTI

The Offshore Support team (Shorebase) of the Offshore Asset Department of RasGas celebrated the completion of a Safety Milestone of 17 years without a Lost Time Incident and 13 years without a Recordable Incident.

Hamad Rashid Al Mohannadi, RasGas Chief Executive Officer said: “As a world-class global energy supplier striving for excellence, these safety records demonstrate our commitment to excellence in every aspect of our operations. I am very proud that implementing safe work behaviors is an ongoing focus in RasGas,” he said, addressing a special ceremony held at Al Waha Club, Al Khor to mark the occasion.

“Since our offshore support operations began 17 years ago our Shorebase team has sustained all offshore production and drilling activities efficiently without a Lost Time Incident. This has been made possible through continuous commitment in following RasGas’ safety strategies, systems and processes in daily work,” said Al Mohannadi.

“RasGas is indeed a trendsetter in safety. The Shorebase team comes to work every day knowing that their commitment to safety is a daily task. It has demonstrated that our ultimate goal of an incident-free workplace is achievable,” said Atef Al-Mohsin, Offshore Asset Manager.

Putting the achievement in perspective, Faisel Al-Hajri, Emergency Management Systems Manager said: “When you substantiate the numbers associated with the achievement, a successful 17 years Lost Time Incident-Free and 13 years without a recordable incident is approximately 6,200 days of safe work, which adds up to an achievement of almost 9 million man hours without lost time injury – that is a truly outstanding safety performance.”

Press Release, April 14, 2014; Image: RasGas