A photo of the Rem Trader PSV

Rem Offshore’s PSV hired for wind farm work

Rem Offshore has been awarded a contract by Van Oord for its PSV Rem Trader to be deployed on an offshore wind project in France.

Rem Offshore

The PSV will be working on the Saint Brieuc offshore wind farm throughout 2021 and 2022. “Rem is looking forward to place PSVs in other segments to show the diversity and capability of our fleet”, the company said in a social media post.

The news comes shortly after Rem Offshore clinched a long-term charter contract with Siemens Gamesa for its newbuild Construction Service Vessel (CSV) Rem Energy, which will be delivered in the fourth quarter of this year.

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The company’s CSV Rem Inspector has already been working in the offshore wind sector for a while. The vessel is now deployed for maintenance operations at the German DanTysk offshore wind farm, under a charter agreement with Global Marine. Prior to this, Rem Inspector was contracted for work at the Global Tech 1 offshore wind farm, also in Germany.

On the Saint Brieuc offshore wind farm in France, offshore construction is set to start in the first half of this year, with Van Oord and Saipem in charge of carrying out transport and installation of the project’s components.

The 496 MW wind farm, located off the Brittany coast, will consist of 62 Siemens Gamesa 8 MW wind turbines and is scheduled for commissioning in 2023.