Remontowa Launches LNG-Powered Ferry (Poland)

Remontowa Launches LNG-Powered Ferry

The launching ceremony of the last of four LNG-fueled ferries built for Norway’s Torghatten Nord took place in REMONTOWA SHIPBUILDING on 11th of May 2012.

During three – year cooperation Torghatten Nord has ordered construction of eight modern ferries of different propulsion, power of engine as well as range of served routes. In October 2011 REMONTOWA delivered the first series of two diesel powered, double ended ferries. The construction of the second series of ferries Ro-Pax type completed on 10th of December 2011. Currently, all delivered ferries are serving public transport along Norwegian coast.

The realization of contract for building  four big, modern, gas powered car–passenger ferries began in May 2010.

These  ferries will operate in difficult weather conditions above the polar circle, in service for the local inhabitants, tourists and the industry.

Operating in such  conditions defines high demands to the vessels. The launched ferry  “Lødingen” – like previous ones will meet restrictive, ecological rules regarding the emission of harmful substances to atmosphere which is very important feature – considering the region and range of  served  routes between islands.

Ferries will take on board 390 passengers and 120 cars. The ships will be powered by one Gas – Engine which will enable to reach  service speed – 15 knots and maximum speed 19 knots.

Main Particulars:
Length o.a.                                        96.00 m
Breadth mld.                                     16.80 m
Depth moulded to main deck      5.50 m


LNG World News Staff, May 15, 2012