Repsol bunkers LNG-fueled Mia Desgagnés in Cartagena

Spanish energy giant Repsol carried out the liquefied natural gas (LNG) bunkering supply to a ship for use as fuel at Enagás’ LNG terminal in Cartagena. 

The operation was coordinated and managed by Repsol with partners being Enagás, Molgas, the Port Authority of Cartagena and Cartagena Maritime Authority.

The Canadian vessel Mia Desgagnés received 425 cubic meters of LNG by a truck-to-ship method.

Repsol claims this was the largest LNG bunkering operation in Spain and for the company exceeding the previous quantity of 370 cubic meters supplied by Repsol via a pipe-to-ship method from the Cartagena facility.

The vessel Mia Desgagnés is 135 meters long and 23 meters wide with a double hull. The ship can operate using any of three types of fuel, fuel oil, marine diesel oil or LNG.

Repsol noted that it has bunkered the chilled fuel to ten different LNG-fueled vessels from several ports in Spain.