Repsol supplies LNG to Paul A. Desgagnés at Cartagena

Repsol supplies LNG to Paul A. Desgagnés at Cartagena
Image courtesy of Repsol

Spanish energy giant Repsol said it has completed its largest LNG bunkering supply operation to date, delivering the chilled fuel to the Canadian vessel Paul A. Desgagnés.

Developing the LNG bunker business, both on a spot and mid/long-term basis, is one of the key work areas of Repsol’s strategy, adding LNG to its portfolio of bunker fuels, the company said in a statement on Monday.

The company coordinated and managed the LNG bunkering operation in collaboration with Enagás, ESK and the Port Authority of Cartagena.

During the operation, eleven trucks delivered liquefied natural gas to the vessel, Repsol said.

The previous record operation had been the supply of ten LNG trucks to the Mia Desgagnés.

The Paul A. Desgagnés vessel is the third of a series of four product carriers built at the Besiktas shipyard, and can operate using any of three types of fuel: fuel oil, marine diesel oil or LNG.