University researchers at UPorto’s facilities (Courtesy of PORTOS project)

Researchers test novel floating solar technology as part of PORTOS project

Researchers from the universities in Portugal and Spain have joined forces to test novel technology designed to harvest solar resources of the marine environment as part of the PORTOS project.

University researchers at UPorto’s facilities (Courtesy of PORTOS project)
University researchers at UPorto’s facilities (Courtesy of PORTOS project)
University researchers at UPorto’s facilities (Courtesy of PORTOS project)

The two-week long testing campaign for the novel floating solar technology was conducted at the facilities of the University of Porto (UPorto), on behalf of Asturmadi Reneergy, a Spain-based metal structures manufacturer, which is also active in the solar energy sector.

According to the researchers, the results of the testing campaign are very promising. The testing follows a previous numerical study of the same technology performed by the researchers from the University of Oviedo, who also provided their expertise for this latest round of trials.

“Although there are already proven technologies to harness marine renewable energies that only require being adjusted to the conditions of their installation site, new concepts are continuously being invented by academic, non-academic and industry inventors and entrepreneurs, which may not have enough resources to put their ideas forward,” the researchers said.

Therefore, the testing was supported by PORTOS project’s WP4, whose goal is to make available the experimental facilities and knowledge of the project partners to make the proof of concept of emerging technologies.

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PORTOS project, supported by ERDF’s Interreg Atlantic Area program, aims to assess, develop and promote the integrated use of renewable energy resources in Atlantic Area ports and increase their energy efficiency, establishing a roadmap to a more competitive and sustainable sector.

The main innovation of PORTOS project is the holistic integration of marine renewable energy in ports and its combination with traditional renewable energy, to obtain a balanced and diversified energy mix based on the characteristics of each port.

Three representative ports with different energy consumption patterns and renewable energy potential are used as case studies and cutting-edge harnessing technologies are being developed and optimized for the site specific conditions as part of the project.

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