Photo: Illustration. Source: Navingo

Reygar, Cedar Marine to help fleet operators reduce carbon emissions

UK-based maritime remote monitoring systems provider Reygar and compatriot carbon reduction and sustainability specialist Cedar Marine have teamed up to provide an integrated service for monitoring and reducing fuel, energy use and carbon emissions across vessels and business operations in the maritime industry.

The integrated service will utilise measured fuel consumption and emissions data from Reygar’s fleet monitoring platform BareFLEET combined with additional information gathered by Cedar Marine on other aspects of a customer’s operations.

As part of the partnership, Cedar Marine will provide insights into specific measures a customer can take to reduce fuel and energy costs and emissions based on the data supplied by BareFLEET.

The measures will be provided according to architectural and operational characteristics of each vessel in the customer’s fleet.

The partners claim that such an approach combines big data with human experience and insight, offering customers actionable choices with quantified benefits based on solid and directly relevant data, to improve their performance.

Commenting on the partnership, Chris Huxley-Reynard, managing director at Reygar, said: ” … we can only make positive changes if we truly understand at a really granular level the emissions and sustainability challenges across our businesses. That’s why we chose to collaborate with Cedar to offer what we think will be a really valuable and innovative service to customers.”

“Since vessel fuel burn is the major contributor to maritime emissions, combining accurate BareFLEET fuel, speed and operational data with our understanding of the broader emissions profile from other aspects of customers’ business operations allow us to offer the best possible combination of data and insight to drive real operational evolution and change across our customer base”, says Owen Preece, managing director at Cedar Marine.

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