Riptide Introduces New Micro UUV

Riptide Autonomous Solutions has launched its new ‘micro’ unmanned undersea vehicle (UUV), the MK II.

The internal electronics of the new MKII µUUV offer a nearly 70% reduction in hotel load power to 3.5 Watts, thus extending vehicle endurance across the vehicle speed regime, the company explained.

John Vestri, chief operating officer of Riptide said: “The MK II µUUV is a significant step forward for Riptide. It advances our mission of deeper, faster, further UUVs for our diverse customer base.” 

The MK II µUUV offers a 300 meters depth rating, speeds over 10 knots, and has an endurance of 40+ hours at 2 knots without a payload on alkaline batteries.

The company presented the UUV during Oceanology International in London, UK.