Photo: Courtesy: Rotech Subsea

Rotech Subsea delivers North Sea decom scope

Rotech Subsea has completed a North Sea rock placement removal scope for a ‘major’ oil and gas offshore contractor.

Rotech Subsea’s TRS2 controlled flow excavation (CFE) and suspended jet trenching tool mobilised from Aberdeen for the North Sea for the decommissioning scope in early September.

The decommissioning scope, in offshore Netherlands, specifically saw the company carry out 50 metres of rock dispersal work at around 43 metres water depth around flanges to expose spool pieces at the oil and gas asset.

Rotech needed to remove the 2-12 inch in size consolidated rock for access prior to the de-commissioning process commencing.

The TRS2 tool removed the 1.5-metre depth of rock allowing access to continue the decommissioning operations.

Rotech Subsea director of Subsea, Stephen Cochrane, also said:

“It was an incredibly tight turnaround to have kit on the quayside in Aberdeen within four days of the initial call. It’s a real testament to our team that we were able to mobilise our TRS2 CFE jetting system within the timeframe.

“Despite currently being operational at a number of international sites working on cable trenching and sandwave campaigns, we won, mobilised and are now managing and executing the North Sea job whilst also servicing numerous other renewables and oil and gas projects in UK, European and Asian waters.”