Photo: Rotech Subsea

Rotech Subsea wraps up cable burial at Walney offshore wind farm

Rotech Subsea has finalized a cable burial scope at the Walney offshore wind farm for Ørsted.

Rotech Subsea was contracted by the global offshore wind leader to provide its TRS1LD Jet Trenching tool, equipped with HP jets, to carry out the cable burial at Walney in the Irish Sea.

The subsea spread of equipment was mobilised on the OSV Relume and deployed using the ship’s crane.

Two separate cables totaling approximately 3.5km in length were trenched to a specification of 2.0m TOC in the soft sand areas and to 1.0m TOC in the stiff clay areas.

This was a great project for Rotech Subsea as it saw us take on the role of contractor, chartering our own vessel and engaging all the relevant parties required to make the project a success,” said Rotech Subsea director, Stephen Cochrane.

The unrivalled capabilities of the new TRS1LD Jet Trenching tool made it perfect for this Irish Sea offshore wind farm scope. The TRS1LD Jet Trenching tool sets itself apart from mass-flow excavation tools because its patented design produces narrower, higher pressure jets which are up to seven times more powerful than some other excavation systems. This facilitated the scope being completed extremely efficiently and on budget.”

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