Rotterdam, Mannheim ports partner on sustainability and decarbonisation

The ports of Rotterdam and Mannheim have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to work on the sustainability of the logistics chain and speed up decarbonisation efforts.

Port of Rotterdam

Under the MoU, the partners will step up cooperation in making the logistics chain between the two ports more sustainable and digital. 

Topics to be addressed in the cooperation include the possibilities for further developing the hinterland network via rail and inland shipping, transforming the logistics chain into a zero-emission transport corridor for freight transport by road, water and rail.

The agreement is expected to further increase the reliability and efficiency of barge handling at deep-sea and inland terminals. Furthermore, the ports will share knowledge to work towards a fully transparent digital Rhine corridor.

Regarding energy transition, both ports will examine whether they can act jointly in facilitating the infrastructure for the transport of alternative renewable energy carriers, either produced, imported or used in the ports, the hinterland and between the ports along the corridor.

The port of Mannheim has a strategic location along the Rhine corridor and within a strong industrial area, from where bulk and container flows are transported to and from Rotterdam.

Recently, the Port of Rotterdam teamed up with HGK Shipping to promote sustainable concepts for inland waterway services leading to and from seaports. The partnership primarily focuses on the energy revolution and logistics for hydrogen, as well as reducing CO2 emissions by using innovative drive concepts and digitalisation.

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