Russia: Almaz Central Marine Design Bureau to Use AVEVA’s Solutions

Almaz Central Marine Design Bureau to Use AVEVA’s Solutions

The Almaz Central Marine Design Bureau, JSC and the AVEVA, Ltd. have signed a contract for exclusive use of AVEVA’s solutions. The AVEVA Company have announced signature of a large contract with the Almaz CMDB which provides the latter with exclusive possibilities of using up-to-date package vessel design technologies in 2012.

These agreements allow not only employing the Bureau’s resources at a maximum extent, but they can result in the Company’s higher level of efficiency.

The Almaz CMDB is one of the leading design and engineering companies in the Russian shipbuilding industry. It was one of the first to start using modern equipment for vessel design, because their designers realized that future developments would seriously depend on the right choice of automation equipment.

For the current year the Company has a number of large-scale tasks to fulfill, including several considerable projects with special attention to be paid to terms and quality. In the process of design the Bureau uses the AVEVA integrated technologies system which helps the specialists to effectively work as a team.

The Company also plans to adapt a new version of the AVEVA Marine. Technologies do not stand still. Their evolution provides new capabilities.

The contract between the AVEVA and the Almaz CMDB was signed in solemn ceremony environment by the chief executives: E.A. Fedotov, Aveva Ltd Executive Director, and A.V. Shlyakhtenko, Almaz CMDB Director General.

Our organization, like no other, realizes the necessity of using modern approaches”, comments Alexander Shlyakhtenko. “Of course, it’s relevant to keep in mind that our industry largely depends on the economical situation in the country, on the whole, and the market mobility. Nevertheless, despite some difficulties of the past period, having our experience as example we saw for ourselves that up-to-date design techniques allow carrying out a project of high quality with low time consumption and a reliable customer feedback. Such advantages mean winning competitions and solid activity in the end.”

The Almaz design bureau was one of the first to start using modern methods of vessel design in Russia”, noted Eugeny Fedotov. “By now the Company remains “in the forefront” in their fields. We are convinced that AVEVA technologies, Almaz personnel expertise and AVEVA support will allow the bureau to attain its goals and expand its competitive advantages.


Shipbuilding Tribune Staff, March 2, 2012; Image: almaz