Russian Defense Ministry to Equip Rescue Ship Igor Belousov with Two-Seat Submersibles

Russian Defense Ministry to Equip Rescue Ship Igor Belousov with Two-Seat Submersibles

The Igor Belousov, currently under construction, will have two ARS-600 two-seat submersibles, designed to perform an array of functions, including search, rescue and salvage of submarines in distress.

The Russian Defense Ministry decided in 2011 to equip the ship with a deep-sea diving system produced by Scottish firm DIVEX, which will be delivered, installed, and tested by experts from a Russian company, Tetis Pro. At present, all Russian fleets have British-built Panther Plus and Tiger submersibles in service.

Construction of the Igor Belousov started in 2005 at the Admiralty Shipyards in St. Petersburg but has faced a series of setbacks.

General characteristics of Project 22020 rescue ship Igor Belousov:

Length (on designed waterline) – 97.8m

Beam (on designed waterline) – 17.2m

Amidships depth – 10.6m

Displacement – 50.37m

Full speed – 15 knots

Seaworthiness, Beaufort force:

  • idle navigation: unlimited
  • lowering/lifting of deep-sea rescue vehicle: 3-4
  • lowering/lifting of diving bell: 5

Cruising range at total fuel capacity, nautical miles: 3,500

Life-support endurance, days:

  • for crew: 30
  • for rescued people: 10

Crew, men: 96

Accommodation capacity, men: 120 (including 60 in pressure chambers)

Navigation equipment: automated navigation system, navigation underwater sound system, hydrometeorological facilities

Hydroacoustic equipment: search sonar, underwater communication sonar, navigation sonar, hydrology measuring facilities

Optoelectronic detection equipment: multifunctional optoelectronic and television system.


Shipbuilding Tribune Staff, May 30, 2012; Image: admship