SAL Presents ‘Marine Projects’ Division

SAL is launching its Marine Projects department, a team dedicated to heavy lift shipping and marine installation support.

The team will be headed by Sune Thorleifsson (Head of Projects) who explains: “Marine Projects is a natural evolution of services for which SAL is already well known. For more than 35 years SAL has pushed benchmarks as a heavy lift carrier and in recent years we have increasingly supported marine installation and decommission projects with our unique heavy lift vessels. With Marine Projects, we work with complex transport and / or installation services including DP on a uniform platform.”

Marine Projects is based in the SAL headquarters in Hamburg as an integrated part of SAL Heavy Lift GmbH. In addition, a new branch office will be established in Rotterdam where Erik ter Horst, Matthieu Moerman and Michiel Rijkaert will be based. This office will be fully integrated into Marine Projects.

Aside from Sune Thorleifsson also Julia Wildt and Mike Grant will be part of the team.

Sune Thorleifsson said: “We are essentially back to our roots as a one stop shop. We are a heavy lift specialist offering a diversified portfolio of services. Whether you need decommissioning support as we showed with our engagement in the Costa Concordia salvage operations, installation of offshore structures as we showed with Kitchen Light Unit III project or complex project shipping as just undertaken with the Walney Extension Project, SAL and the Marine Projects team are here to help.”