Sandia presses ahead with WEC research

Sandia National Laboratories has conducted advanced controls testing of its WEC at the US Navy’s MASK basin as part of the research to improve the performance of wave energy devices by increasing efficiency and lowering the cost of energy.

Funded by the US Energy Department, Sandia is developing and validating control strategies to increase power of WEC devices by performing research on control algorithm development, numerical simulation, and scaled model testing.

The Advanced WEC Dynamics and Controls project is designed to address six top-level objectives including using numerical modeling and novel laboratory testing methods to quantitatively compare a variety of control strategies; producing data, analysis and methodology that assist developers in selecting and designing the best control system for their device; and using numerical modeling and testing to determine the degree to which developed control strategies can be applied to various WEC types.

Also, the project aims to develop strategies to reduce loads, address fatigue, and handle extreme conditions; provide full wave-to-wire control; and develop novel control strategies and design methodologies.

All developments produced by this project are intended for public use, according to Sandia Laboratories.

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