‘Santa Cruz’ Sailing under Luxembourg’s Flag

'Santa Cruz' Sailing Under Luxembourg Flag

Previously operated by Hamburg Süd under the Liberian flag, the container ship “Santa Cruz” (7,100 TEU) is now flying Luxembourg’s flag. The change of flag was carried out in the Port of Hamburg yesterday. The “Santa Cruz”, which sails in the Europe – South America East Coast liner service, is the first Hamburg Süd vessel to be entered in Luxembourg’s shipping register.

The move brings Hamburg Süd a step closer to its aim of operating 60 per cent of its owned ships under European flags. Of the 36 Hamburg Süd-owned vessels, 18 currently fly the German flag and one that of Luxembourg. This puts the proportion of owned ships under a European flag at 53 per cent.

It is planned to increase this proportion further. In late May, Hamburg Süd is due to take delivery of the newbuilding “Cap San Nicolas (9,100 TEU) from Korea’s Hyundai yard and operate the vessel under a European flag.

Hamburg Süd worked with its long-standing partner YCF Maritime on the reflagging. YCF Maritime provides services in connection with the registration of ocean-going vessels in Luxembourg’s register through its company EuroFlag Services SàRL.


Hamburg Süd, March 27, 2013