Photo: Image courtesy of Scania

Scania delivers Argentina’s first LNG-fueled trucks

Scania delivers Argentina's first LNG-fueled trucks
Image courtesy of Scania

Scania’s Argentinian unit delivered a fleet of LNG-fueled trucks for the Mendoza-based logistics company Transportes Andreu. 

The delivery marks a milestone for Argentina as it is the country’s first-ever fleet of LNG-fueled trucks, according to a Scania statement.

Scania said it has been working with Enargas, the national gas regulator in Argentina to import gas-powered vehicles.

Julián Rosso, head of sales engineering at Scania Argentina, said, “It is a proven technology and there are already more than 2,500 Scania trucks operating in Europe, which means that from a technological point of view, the product is an efficient, safe and aligned solution with Argentina’s energy matrix.”

Transportes Andreu will use the LNG-powered trucks to transport liquid natural gas, Scania said.