Photo: Illustration (Courtesy of Schlumberger)

Schlumberger, Equinor to collaborate on data platform project

Schlumberger and Equinor, in collaboration with Microsoft, have partnered up on a strategic project to deploy the DELFI cognitive E&P environment, with seamless integration to the OSDU Data Platform.

Illustration (Courtesy of Schlumberger)
Illustration (Courtesy of Schlumberger)

The project aims to accelerate Equinor’s ability to integrate data at scale and improve decision making.

The OSDU-enabled solution will be embedded as a key part of Equinor’s Microsoft Azure enterprise-wide data platform, OMNIA.

This will establish consistent data standards across the subsurface to enhance overall decision making, according to the partners.

The strategic project will leverage the DELFI Petrotechnical Suite, the ExplorePlan accelerated exploration planning solution (co-developed between Schlumberger and Equinor), and data science solutions from Schlumberger.

These solutions improve collaboration and insights, enabling geoscientists to make informed decisions through enhanced subsurface understanding and prospect de-risking, the partners said.

Rajeev Sonthalia, Digital & Integration president at Schlumberger, said: “We are pleased to be working with Equinor and Microsoft to facilitate enhanced resource discovery through this first deployment of the newly-released OSDU Data Platform fully integrated with DELFI. This provides a single, unified landscape with seamless access to data that enables the industry to rapidly run AI and data-driven workflows, creating a game-changing increase in efficiency”.

Lisa Rebora, senior vice president of Exploration Excellence at Equinor, added: “Our collaboration with Schlumberger in the co-creation of ExplorePlan will enable our geoscientists to draw more insights and generate more ideas and opportunities through access to a wealth of data at their fingertips. In this next important phase during 2021, we will deploy ExplorePlan to our geoscientists, connecting seamlessly to our OSDU-enabled OMNIA data platform”.