Schlumberger to embedd IGEOSS in Petrel Software

Schlumberger has acquired IGEOSS, a developer of structural geology software. IGEOSS provides geomechanical solutions for subsurface modeling, 2D and 3D structural restoration, and fracture characterization of complex geologic structures.

IGEOSS programs are to be embedded in the Petrel software to help geoscientists better understand fractured reservoirs and the impact of stress regimes over time, particularly in sub-salt, compressional and shale gas plays, says Schlumberger.

“Recognizing that our clients are exploring and developing in increasingly complicated geologic settings, the IGEOSS software will —i n combination with the industry-leading Petrel and PetroMod technologies — enable geoscientists to gain the best possible understanding of the complete petroleum system throughout their exploration, development and production workflows,” says Tony Bowman, president, Schlumberger Information Solutions (SIS).


Source: Offshoremag,April 9,2010;