Dirk Schulze, CEO SCHOTTEL Marine Technologies (Courtesy of SCHOTTEL Marine Technologies)

SCHOTTEL Marine Technologies merges German and UK ops with focus on floating offshore renewables

SCHOTTEL Marine Technologies, the new company name for Germany’s AQUOS SCHOTTEL Marine Technologies and Scotland’s Swift Anchors, has integrated its operations to ramp-up deployment of its anchoring solutions for floating offshore renewables.

Dirk Schulze, CEO SCHOTTEL Marine Technologies (Courtesy of SCHOTTEL Marine Technologies)

The move comes in an effort to exploit the growing business opportunities in offshore renewables, and in particular within the floating offshore wind sector, according to the company.

SCHOTTEL Marine Technologies is developing a suite of rapidly deployable and environmentally sensitive rock anchoring solutions for the global offshore energy sector, including floating wind, floating solar, tidal and wave energy, and the aquaculture industry.

Swift Anchors, which is based in Edinburgh, has been a subsidiary of AQUOS since 2022. The change of name for Swift Anchors and AQUOS, its parent company in Germany, to become SCHOTTEL Marine Technologies, reflects the closer working relationship and increased collaboration over the past 12 months between the German and UK operations and the growing international ambitions of the combined business.

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Dirk Schulze, the CEO of the newly established SCHOTTEL Marine Technologies, was previously chief executive of Bentec Drilling & Oilfield Systems in Germany. He has overall responsibility for the operations in Germany as well as in the United Kingdom. Sian George, a former CEO of Ocean Energy Europe, who has worked in the sector for nearly 20 years, chairs SCHOTTEL Marine Technologies’ UK subsidiary business.

Dirk Schulze said: “Drawing upon the engineering pedigree and heritage of SCHOTTEL and the decade of engineering experience and expertise that our people have in anchoring floating energy devices, I am excited about SCHOTTEL Marine Technologies’ future growth in Europe and indeed worldwide.

“In particular, we see the emerging floating offshore wind sector offering SCHOTTEL Marine Technologies significant opportunities as our patented Swift Anchors technology will open up new areas for deployment, especially deep-water areas and in areas where there are rock seabeds. We also see potential in the other areas of the offshore renewable energy sector – tidal, wave and solar, as well as floating aquaculture.”

Headquartered in Spay, Germany, SCHOTTEL Marine Technologies is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SCHOTTEL Industries.

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