Sea Challenger Assumes Position at Dudgeon

Jack-up vessel Sea Challenger arrived and positioned herself at the offshore substation at the 402MW Dudgeon offshore wind farm off Norfolk, UK, on 31 August, A2SEA reports.

Statoil hired Sea Challenger to serve as an accommodation platform from September until the end of 2016, with the start of turbine installation phase scheduled for January 2017.

Hull was chosen as the load out port for the wind farm’s 67 6MW Siemens turbines.

During the last month, Sea Challenger has been mobilising in Newcastle getting ready for her new temporary assignment as an accommodation platform.

A total of 20 extra cabins have been fitted onto the vessel.

The Dudgeon offshore wind farm is being jointly developed by Statoil, Masdar and Statkraft off North Norfolk, and is expected to be fully commissioned by 2017.