SeaBird purchases Hawk Explorer seismic vessel

Seismic explorer SeaBird Exploration will buy the vessel Hawk Explorer and its seismic equipment. The Hawk Explorer has been a chartered vessel in the company’s fleet since 2006.

Under the purchase agreement, SeaBird will pay $1.1 million for the vessel and its seismic equipment. Also, SeaBird will cover all expenses relating to the cancellation of all future lease payments and additional obligations as required under the charter agreement.

Back in March, SeaBird extended the charter agreement until February 28, 2017.

Under the terms of the extension, SeaBird was given the option to purchase the vessel and related equipment for $1.75 million at the end of the lease period. During the lease period, SeaBird had the option of terminating the charter on August 31, 2016, or November 30, 2016.

M/V Hawk Explorer joined SeaBird in 2006 after being converted to a 2D-Source vessel in Gdynia Poland. It is a 66 meters long 2D vessel built in 1984 which can accommodate 44 crew members.