Seadrill Hires Fairstar for Rig Transportation from Trinidad to Vietnam

Seadrill Hires Fairstar for Rig Transportation from Trinidad to Vietnam

Dutch Fairstar Heavy Transport N.V. (FAIR) has been awarded a new contract from Seadrill to transport the drilling rig Offshore Vigilant from Port of Spain, Trinidad to Vung Tau, Vietnam on Fairstar’s semi-submersible vessel FJELL. The contract value is USD 2.9 million.

FJELL has just safely discharged two concrete power generating barges for the Chevron EGTL project in Escravos, Nigeria and is en route to Port of Spain. The Offshore Vigilant rig is expected to be loaded on the FJELL at the end of May.

Willem Out, COO of Fairstar, commented: “It is business as usual at Fairstar. This voyage positions FJELL almost perfectly to be in the Far East just in time to begin her work on the Gorgon contract in August. Once the rig has been safely discharged, we will put FJELL into dry-dock and prepare the ship for Gorgon certification.”

The “Offshore Vigilant” is an ultra-premium, deepwater, independent-leg, extended reach cantilever drilling unit. A cantilevered drilling structure allows the rig to drill or work over wells on open water locations, and adjacent to fixed production platforms. The “Offshore Vigilant” is designed to drill wells to 30,000 feet deep and work in water depths as shallow as 16 feet and up to 350 feet in most areas around the world. Environmentally controlled quarters and safety and lifesaving equipment can accommodate 102 persons.

Offshore Energy Today Staff, May 16, 2012