Seafarers Captured by Pirates Off Equatorial Guinea Released

Seafarers Captured by Pirates Off Equatorial Guinea Released

Shipmanagers Leonhardt & Blumberg of Hamburg, Germany operators of container vessel “HANSA MARBURG”, on Friday, announced that the 4 seafarers who were taken from the vessel by armed men 130 miles south west of Malabo, Equatorial Guinea and held hostage, have now been released.

The vessel was attacked by criminal gangs in the Gulf Of Guinea on April 22 and four seafarers were taken hostage.

The four seafarers, including Ukrainian, Russian and Kiribati citizens were confirmed as being safe and in good spirits after 31 days in captivity.

“Leonhardt & Blumberg is delighted that the crew members have been released and the company wishes to thank each of them for their courage and fortitude in dealing with this very difficult situation in such a professional manner; also to thank the families of those being held for their patience and courage at such a difficult and worrying time,”

“We also wishes to extend its appreciation to the governments, government agencies and all those who assisted in bringing this difficult situation to a close.

Leonhardt & Blumberg will not be releasing any further details concerning the release in order to avoid encouraging further criminal acts of this kind”, the company said in a press release.

Leonhardt & Blumberg, May 28, 2013



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