Searcher Seismic: North West Shelf Super-Tie 2D PSTM Reprocessing

Searcher Seismic North West Shelf Super-Tie 2D PSTM Reprocessing

The North West Shelf Super-TieTM is Searcher Seismic’s standardised and best 2D reprocessed data.

The Super-TieTM is reprocessed from field tape with a modern PSTM workflow and is a uniform seismic dataset consisting of over 100,000 km of multi vintage 2D seismic data over Australia’s North West Shelf. The project is focused on offering a regional evaluation tool to define basinal structure and stratigraphy as well as having the resolution and fidelity to assess known discoveries with AVO products for look-a-like features. Its extensive range of value added deliverables make the North West Shelf Super-TieTM a perfect country entry seismic data license as well as adding to existing companies’ data library with high quality 2D Super-TieTM PSTM Reprocessing.

Searcher conduct Super-TieTM PSTM Reprocessing from field tape where the 2D Super-TieTM brand line comprises a delivery of Full Angle AGC Migrations, Relative Amplitude Angle Stacks (Full, Near, Mid, Far), a suite of AVO Products (Intercept, Gradient, Intercept x Gradient) and one set of Final Corrected Gathers with NMO after PSTM.

The data has undergone rigorous internal and external QC procedures and processing with modern processing algorithms. Data is available for immediate delivery.

Press Release, August 29, 2013