Selly Park North Flood Scheme Operational

Work on a multi-million pound scheme to reduce the flood risk to over 150 homes and businesses in Selly Park North is ready to protect people from flooding, reports the Environment Agency.

The project is part of the EA’s program to invest £2.6 billion by 2021 protecting over 300,000 homes and businesses from the risk of flooding.

The work involved deepening and widening an existing flood water storage area near the Bourn Brook Walkway on Harborne Lane.

Also included in the project is a 2.4 meter diameter 227 meter long bypass culvert running underneath the Pershore Road. This tunnel will take water away from homes to safely flow into the river downstream.

This scheme was delivered by contractors Team Van Oord commissioned by the Environment Agency, and compliments the scheme completed in January 2018 for Selly Park South.

Together these schemes work to protect over 350 homes and business in the heart of Birmingham.