Sen. Murkowski visits Shell’s Arctic-bound drilling rig

Sen. Murkowski visits Shell's Polar Pioneer rigAlaska’s senator Lisa Murkowski has paid a visit to a controversial oil rig moored in the Port of Seattle, destined to drill for oil in the U.S. Arctic.

The senator shared photos of the visit to the Shell-operated Polar Pioneer semi-submersible drilling rig through social media, expressing excitement to see the rig and meeting the workers who are preparing the rig for its journey to Alaska.

On her official Facebook account, Murkowski shared: “As a Senator from Alaska you know exactly where I stand. I strongly support resource development in the Arctic. With advanced technologies and care, it can be done safely and responsibly to the benefit of my state and our nation. It was exciting to see the Polar Pioneer in Seattle and meet with the employees who are getting it ready for the journey to Alaska.”


Departure on Wednesday?


Shell’s Arctic drilling plans have attracted opposition in Seattle, both from the city council and environmental organizations, who claim that a potential oil spill in the Alaska’s Chukchi Sea, where the drilling is planned to be carried out, could be catastrophic.

According to a report by Reuters, unconfirmed either by Shell or Foss Maritime, the operator of the terminal where the rig is moored, the Polar Pioneer could leave the Port of Seattle on Wednesday, and set sail to Alaska.

Shell plans to spend $1 billion dollars for its drilling campaign in Alaska this summer, hoping to uncover what are believed to be vast oil reserves under the seabed of the Chukchi Sea.

Offshore Energy Today Staff