ShawCor to provide pipeline coatings for Moho Nord

ShawCor Ltd. today announced that its Socotherm pipe coating division has received a contract with a value in excess of US$40 million from Tenaris to provide pipeline coatings for the Moho Nord Oil Pipeline project.

ShawCor to provide pipeline coatings for Moho Nord

The Moho Nord project is located in water depths of 650 to 1,150 metres approximately 75 kilometers off the Congo coast in West Africa. The contract will be executed primarily at the Socotherm pipe coating facility in Pozzallo, Italy with additional work to be completed at Socotherm’s facilities in Adria, Italy and Escobar, Argentina.

This contract involves coating approximately 165 kms of 6″ to 16″ pipe with 3-layer polypropylene anticorrosion coating, 42 kms of 8″ to 10″ pipe with 5-layer syntactic polypropylene coating and 19 kms of 16″ pipe with 3-layer polypropylene anticorrosion coating together with concrete weight coating. Coating is expected to commence during the second quarter of 2014.

ShawCor Ltd is an energy services company specializing in products and services for the pipeline and pipe services and the petrochemical and industrial segments of the oil and gas industry. The company operates through eight divisions with over seventy-five manufacturing and service facilities located around the world.
Socotherm S.p.A., a division of ShawCor Ltd. headquartered in Italy, is an international pipe coating contractor primarily serving the oil and gas industry from active operations in Italy, Argentina, the Gulf of Mexico and Venezuela.


Press Release, February 26, 2014


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