Shell, GDI reach workplace safety milestone

Shell and Gulf Drilling International are celebrating a safety milestone.

Qatar Shell works on improving work place safety


Qatar Shell decided to focus on all incidents in order to improve overall Safety at the workplace and imbed the philosophy behind it, deeper into the minds of people working for them.

That initiative resulted in coining of a new slogan “Goal Zero” five years ago. Goal Zero – stands for Zero incidents in One year. Gulf Drilling International’s rig Al Khor, took the challenge on and set out to achieve that target.

On 28th of December 2013, Al Khor met its target of one year without any recordable incidents. That is being celebrated today by SHELL, who drove the initiative and GDI whose people made it possible. “This is a moment of great pride for all parties who contributed to the achievement,” said GDI in a statement.

Key enablers were, the STOP Program, the DROPS initiative, coaching and mentoring on the rig, Shell’s incentives scheme, and most of all the rig crews. It goes without saying that they received active and visible support of shore based supervisors with complete ownership taken on by SHELL and GDI Management.

Qatar Shell works on improving work place safety2Ibrahim Jassim Al Othman, GDI’s Chief Executive Officer said:

“I am pleased to see that the partnership we set with SHELL has yielded many dividends. The journey began in the 1st quarter of 2011, and we have met many targets together. Today, we are 3 years into that relationship and every year we have had opportunities to celebrate milestones that applaud the safety culture that has been an integral part of that journey. We stand together again to honor our commitment to Goal Zero.

“The spillover from this is the application of the Goal Zero philosophy to all our offshore rigs, which adds to enhancing GDI’s status in the industry. Our objective is to have a happy and contented workforce, a satisfied client while maintaining our drive for excellence. The key point is – If you look after safety, it looks after your people. If you have a happy work force, you are confident to deliver excellence in performance that is so desirable.”

Qatar Shell works on improving work place safety3Wael Sawan, Managing Director and Chairman of Qatar Shell Companies, said:

“Leadership in safety is a deeply held core value for Shell and GDI. It’s not just an element of what we do; it is a part of everything we do. Achieving a year without a recordable incident, injury or well integrity-related incident is a significant milestone for the Al Khor rig teams, GDI and Qatar Shell staff, and contractors associated with our operations. As ever, we must continue to maintain vigilance in the controls and management of our joint operations, and continue our close collaboration on our journey towards a Goal Zero workplace. I would like to congratulate GDI and the entire team for this outstanding achievement.”


Press Release, April 17, 2014

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