ShipConstructor User Sees 25% Build Time Reduction

ShipConstructor User Sees 25 Build Time Reduction2

SSI client Mustang Marine will present a paper at the upcoming ICCAS 2013 conference in Busan, Korea regarding how Mustang’s skillful utilization of features in ShipConstructor combined with careful design practices has resulted in a 25% reduction in build time hours.

Benefit to Smaller Companies
“Sometimes smaller organizations question the productivity gains of adopting enterprise class software such as ShipConstructor,” says SSI CEO Darren Larkins. “But Mustang Marine is a perfect case study of how the skillful application of computer aided design and production processes using our solutions can result in a significant benefit.”

Nesting Advantages
Mustang Marine’s ICCAS paper highlights multiple ways that ShipConstructor has increased productivity. For instance, the paper says, “The plate development capability of this software and the ability to nest parts into kits has reduced production hours significantly in relation to the requirement for traditional lofting techniques.”

Right the First Time in Construction
Mustang also highlights how ShipConstructor’s capabilities for the detailing of assembly drawings enable production staff to follow a “right the first time” principle in construction, thus avoiding costly and time-consuming rework.

Libraries of Standard Parts
Furthermore, Mustang Marine also derives benefit from using libraries in ShipConstructor that allow younger staff to utilize “Standard Parts” created by more experienced members of the design team.

Implementation and Integration
The authors of the paper go on to talk about details of implementing the CAD system including integration with other products such as MRP and Accounting as well as other Autodesk software products. These details could prove to be instructive to other companies in similar situations.

SSI prides itself on the fact that ShipConstructor is more scalable than any other competing shipbuilding software on the market, making it the only product suitable for clients with differing budget sizes, differing workforce skills and abilities, differing infrastructure environments, and differing project types and sizes.

For more details, see the paper:
Challenges Faced by a Small Shipyard in Integrating Computer Aided Design and Production Processes-A Real Live Case Study.

Press Release, September 13, 2013