‘Siem Pilot’ PSV to support search & rescue ops in Mediterranean Sea

'Siem Pilot' PSV to be used for search & rescue in Mediterranean Sea

Siem Meling Offshore DA and Royal Norwegian Ministry of Justice and Public Safety have entered into a charter agreement for the Multipurpose Platform Supply Vessel “Siem Pilot”.

The vessel, normally used to support offshore oil operations, will be involved in border control, search and rescue operations in the Mediterranean Sea under the joint operation “Triton”.

Last month the Norwegian Government decided that the country would contribute one civilian vessel to Operation Triton in the Mediterranean. The ship was originally planned to be operative in the area around August 1, but according a statement by Siem, the 6 months long contract will begin May 20.

This will be the first time for Norway to participate with a ship in an operation of this kind in the Mediterranean.

In her speech on April 20, Prime Minister Erna Solberg said: “I am deeply concerned about the difficult situation in the Mediterranean; Norway must bear our share of the responsibility of the responsibility to help. The tragedy where more than 700 lost their lives over the weekend has again demonstrated the desperate situation for refugees attempting to reach Europe”

There has been a strong increase in the number of immigrants attempting to reach Europe across the Mediterranean, with a great loss of lives.

“Migration from North Africa to Europe has become an industry where human beings are exploited by organised criminal networks. In a cynical and ruthless way people are sent off on hazardous journey where they have no influence on their own fate”, said Prime Minister Erna Solberg.

Offshore Energy Today Staff