Sima Charters Adds New Multi-Purpose Vessel to Its Fleet

Sima Charters Adds New Multi-Purpose Vessel to Its Fleet

The Dutch company Sima Charters successfully delivered a Multi-Purpose 66ft Tender, christened SC Amethyst. The tender features design and naval architecture by Vripack and is engineered for countless activities in the offshore sector.

SC Amethyst has been designed by Vripack and Sima Charters, and built by Sima Charters together with Shipinstall.

SC Amethyst
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The SC Amethyst is a heavy duty pilot/service boat, designed for multiple purposes such as crew transport and supplies to and from ships in anchor zones or offshore wind farms. She is employable as a general crew boat, wind farm service vessel (WFSV), guard vessel, pilot boat, patrol vessel, survey vessel, rescue tender, etc.

The vessel is provided with a full-out Lloyd’s Register classified workboat construction with professional systems which make this ship suitable for safe operations in tough circumstances.

This high comfort level is due to an innovative lines plan and the application of a Sea-Keeper stabilization system which guarantees a comfortable ship motion at lower speed and in stationary modus. Besides that, the twin Volvo Penta IPS propulsion units make this full aluminum lady by far the most fuel efficient, compared to all the competing vessels that are allowed in the same working area, burning only 200 liters of fuel at 21 knots.

Peter Bouma, Naval Architect at Vripack explains: “The Amethyst has really exceeded our detailed CFD analyses and efficiency calculations. We are very proud of how she performs. Her ship motion levels are remarkably low and because of the high efficiency she is very fuel efficient and thus cost efficient to run. Based on the facts this bruiser is considered the crème de la crème of workboats today. It simply doesn’t get any better than this.”

All the Sima Charters’ vessels are equipped with highly innovative safety precautions. Ruud Lievaart, CEO of Sima Charters BV says: “The SC Amethyst is equipped with an advanced shock absorbing bow fender designed to guarantee a constant and safe connection to all wind turbines or boat-landings on other structures. The railings are easily removable which allows ship to ship transfers via the side. The recessed fenders alongside the tender protect the other vessel and its ladder when mooring at sea, while the walk-around-lifeline prevents passengers from falling over board.”

SC Amethyst
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He continues by pointing out the wrap around bulwark on the aft deck, which prevents water from running over the deck into the cargo and provides extra safety to passengers. Furthermore, the bulwark features a toilet and a covered aft facing steering position for complicated docking maneuvers. The aft deck can carry up to 8 tons of cargo while the integrated hooks can easily secure it. Also the foredeck can carry up to 2,5 tons of cargo, plus the watertight storage compartments are within reach for passengers luggage or for equipment needed on a wind farm. Additionally, the vessel is cleverly equipped with a very sophisticated man over board (MOB) system including a third steering position for extra security reasons.

The SC Amethyst is equipped with a small galley and a comfortable transparent interior suitable for 12 passengers along with the navigator and the captain. The large windows with an almost 360° view provides the captain with an excellent overview and aiding prevention from getting seasick, while the noise level inside is extremely low; 62db at 20 knots and 64db at full speed.

The whole passenger’s accommodation is an open plan and can be repositioned effortlessly. The navigation equipment is top of the bill with two radars, SAR finder, computer plotters, AIS, NAVTEX and much more.

On the spacious lower deck, the SC Amethyst is arranged like a luxury hotel with four bunks, air-conditioning and two shower facilities both including a toilet. The central area offers a comfortable sitting area with TV facilities.

She can be purchased or chartered. New vessels can be built to a surplus of customer specifications.


Press release, March 7, 2014; Image: Sima Charters

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