Siport21 Presents Studies Related to New Outer Port of Ciutadella (Spain)

Siport21 Presents Studies Related to New Outer Port of Ciutadella (Spain)

Siport21 has presented the paper “New Outer Port of Ciutadella. Nautical Studies for the Design and Operation of the Port”, in the Congress of 4th Technical Association for Ports and Coasts and 2nd Edition of the Mediterranean Days of Coastal and Port Engineering.

This project was developed in association with Europrincipia, Berenguer Ingenieros, Ports de les Illes Balears and Balearia in order to permit the start of operations of the Port in order to improve the functionality of line passenger ships connecting Menorca and Mallorca.

Since 2004 many technical studies were developed to assess alternative solutions at Inner Port of Ciutadella, which has limited dimensions for merchant vessels. Moreover, it is subject to sea level variations (rissaga) which cause damage to the small boats periodically and it was a risk for line passenger ships.

Following an optimization process, based on ship manoeuvring simulation and wave disturbance studies, evaluation and adjustment of the final dimensions and possible provision of additional shelter structures was elaborated. A design layout was chosen that has permitted to increase port capacity, enhanced functionality and eliminated the risk of resonance in the basin.

Thereby, in may 2011, the new facility came into service in order to allow the access of line ferries almost all year round and cruise ships in summer, subject to operational limits.

Throughout the process, Siport21 has provided technical support to Ports de les Illes Balears (Port Authority), Harbour Master’s Office and shipping companies in order to achieve the authorization of the operations, through ship verification and development of training sessions for Captains. Also, the local Pilot of the new Port has gained knowledge about the facility and manoeuvring ship strategies using the Real-Time Ship Manoeuvring Simulator of the company.

Source: Siport21, May 30, 2012