SLPE Backs Geowynd with soil modelling

The UK-based Geowynd has signed a framework agreement with Sea and Land Project Engineering (SLPE) for the provision of advanced soil modelling.

In recent months, the UK geotechnical consulting firm supported SLPE on 7 wind farm project developments in Europe and America.

Geowynd did not disclose the name of this most recent project, but did say that it includes monopiles being designed in 50m nominal water depth.

“We are thrilled that SLPE recognize our advanced geotechnical design approach is so valuable, leads to a substantial cost-benefit, and allows traditional foundations solutions to be deployed further offshore, in deeper water, and for larger wind turbine generators,” said Andrew Galbraith, Director Geowynd.

The company revealed it is implementing further collaborative developments for advanced analysis of both fixed-bottom and floating support structures which will be available to the market shortly in 2021.

“We’re really excited about the impact our technical developments have in understanding design risks and realising design opportunities, bringing the fundamentals of soil mechanics to the forefront of foundation design for offshore wind is proving to be very favourable!” Scott Whyte, Director Geowynd, concluded.