SMD to Build PROD4 for Benthic

SMD has announced that the company has been selected to build Benthic’s PROD4 (Portable Remotely Operated Drill).

SMD to Build PROD4 for Benthic

Benthic, a global geosciences company, has announced plans to augment its PROD fleet with the contracted build of PROD4 expected to enter service in Q3 of 2015.

PROD4 will be an enhanced version of the successful PROD2 and PROD3, which recently set seabed drill deepwater records in East Africa. PROD4 is a 3000m rated geotechnical drill capable of undertaking CPT measurements, BPT measurement, rock and piston cores to depths up to 150m below the mud-line. The delivery of PROD4 will bring the fleet to a total of 4 commercial drill systems worldwide.

PROD4 will be complemented by a fourth Launch & Recovery System (LARS4) featuring Active Heave Compensation and 3000m deployment capability. LARS4 has been completely redesigned to provide clients with an enhanced deployment capability in harsh environments, deep and ultra-deepwater conditions and has been configured to be mobilized on a wider range of vessels than was previously possible. Ennsub has been contracted to build LARS4 and expects its completion in Q1 of 2015.

“The addition of PROD4 and the newly enhanced LARS4 will provide Benthic’s clients with the most advanced, leading edge seabed drilling system to date,” stated Steve Pywell, Chief Executive Officer.

“SMD are delighted to be working with Benthic to bring their remotely operated technology skills in seabed intervention to complement Benthic’s unrivalled expertise and track record in producing PROD4,” commented Mike Jones, Managing Director SMD.

Press Release, July 02, 2014; Image: Benthic
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