SMVG Joins Protean Crew

California-based San Marino Venture Group LLC (SMVG) has been engaged to support commercialisation of the Protean Wave Energy Conversion (WEC) technology in the US as part of the Company’s global commercialisation strategy.

SMVG originates and manages deal flow with an emphasis on emerging technologies, sustainable energy, real estate and infrastructure revitalisation. The team at SMVG include a number of prominent individuals, who have direct knowledge and experience with the Protean WEC technology.

“The San Marino Venture Group provides the ideal platform for Stonehenge as we focus on commercialising the Protean WEC intellectual property and establish operations in the USA.

“The SMVG team’s market connections with key customer segments like ports, oil companies, and power and water utilities in the US combined with their ability to access both public and private venture and infrastructure funding partners make them an ideal partner for Stonehenge. SMVG’s capabilities will be a great complement to those of Bill Toman, recently appointed as President of our US subsidiary (Protean Wave Energy Inc.), specifically in the areas of access to funding, connections to major Californian ports and their deep experience of environmental planning and infrastructure permitting in California,” commented Bruce Lane, Stonehenge MD.

“SMVG is excited to be joining forces with Stonehenge so that we can help drive the US commercialisation program for the Protean WEC. We believe that the Protean WEC technology is truly unique in the world of wave energy conversion and that it has the potential to deliver real solutions for many of the problems currently being faced by other wave energy conversion companies,” said Eric C. Miller, Vice President, Finance, SMVG.

Image: stonehengemetals