South Korea: DSME Holds Naming Ceremony for Dragonquest Drillship

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Recently, Hull No. 3602, which is a drillship ordered by TMT was named ‘Dragonquest’ at quay D1 by Mrs. Rika Su, Spouse of Mr. Nobu Su, CEO of TMT.

Around 120 honored guests attended the naming ceremony including Mr. Nobu Su, CEO of TMT and Mr. Doug Halkett, COO of Vantage Drilling and Mr.Tian Khiam Ong, CEO of Valencia as well as Mr. Sang-Tae Nam, President & CEO of DSME. She is the second drillship in a series of three drillships.

CEO & President of DSME Sang-Tae Nam gave a key note, “I would like to extend my appreciation to my friends at TMT, the site team led again by Ken West. With your full cooperation we were able to minimize any margin of error” and he added “our 12,000 ft drillship, the best of all our drillship models. Building and delivering the finest of the drillship models can be a daunting challenge. That, in and itself, is an achievement in building the most state of the art drillship. However, we did not stop there, as we also added our lessons learned.”

The drillship is considered as a type-DSME drillship utilizing advanced technologies such as dynamic positioning system. On November 15th, DSME delivered the Platinum Explorer which is the first drillship in a series of 3 drillships.

Source: DSME, June  15, 2011.

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