Spain: Repsol Gets “Equality in the workplace” Emblem


Repsol has been awarded the “Equality in the workplace” emblem by the Ministry of Health, Social Policy and Equality, in recognition of the outstanding equal treatment and opportunities policy the company implements with its employees.

It is a mark of excellence in equality which aims to serve as an incentive and give recognition to companies committed to equality, which stand out for their application of equal treatment and opportunities policies in relation to working conditions, organisational models and in other areas such as services, products and the company’s advertising.

To receive the “Equality in the Workplace” emblem, the criteria set out in Royal Decree 1615/2009 have been analysed, including the actions and measures that help bring about a work-life balance, measures for guaranteeing equal treatment and opportunities in selection processes and professional promotion, the adaptation of equality plans, the introduction of positive action measures and non-sexist advertising of the company’s products and services.

Pedro Fernández Frial, Executive Director of Downstream and chairman of Repsol’s Diversity and Conciliation Committee, received the award from the Minister of Health, Social Policy and Equality at a ceremony held Tuesday in Madrid, which was also attended by representatives of the other companies which were awarded the emblem.

The aim of Repsol’s Diversity and Conciliation Committee, whose members include directors from all areas, is to promote diversity and help bring about a balance between the professional and personal lives of its employees, analysing and promoting measures related to the five projects that make up the company’s diversity and conciliation programme: teleworking, integration of people with disabilities, working day, time management and adaptation of installations.

Repsol sees diversity as a highly valuable competitive advantage, as it allows for a good understanding of the expectations and needs of the societies of which it is a part, thus enabling it to provide the most suitable solutions. The company works to ensure respect for equal opportunities for all its employees, regardless of their origin, gender or age, and conducts monitoring and analysis to ensure its policies are being implemented effectively.


Source: Repsol, May 25, 2011;