Spanish Shipyard Delivers New Split Hopper Dredger to Canlemar

Spanish Shipyard Delivers New Split Hopper Dredger to Canlemar-

The split hopper dredger“Omvac Diez” has been handed over to its owner Canlemar after successful sea trials. The dredger has been built in Spain to a Spanish design yet has been fitted out with Dutch Damen dredging gear. The vessel has started its productive life already, doing a harbour maintenance dredging job in Cadiz.

The “Omvac Diez” is a split hopper dredger of 1.100 m3, equipped with a 500 mm trailing pipe for dredging at max – 30 m. The in board Damen dredge pump, type BP5045, both fills the hopper during trailing as well as empties the hopper using the bow coupling unit or rainbow nozzle. The dredger has various Damen dredging instrumentation systems, such as trailing pipe position, load & draught, density & velocity and vacuum & pressure measurement.

The 67 m long split hopper dredger has been designed by the Spanish naval architect Carceller. It has been built in a relatively short time span by the Nodosa yard in Pontevedra on the Galician coast, of which it was their first newbuilding of a split hopper dredger. The successful cooperation has resulted in an efficient, well-performing vessel with a max loaded speed of 9.5 kn.

The split hopper dredger currently works with its removable grab crane, a Liebherr type 984, situated at top coaming level. The versatile dredger is currently doing a maintenance job, and there are many more to come.

-Spanish Shipyard Delivers New Split Hopper Dredger to Canlemar-

About Damen Dredging Equipment

Damen Dredging Equipment is a specialised supplier of dredging equipment and dredging instrumentation & automation. The company, based in Nijkerk, the Netherlands, has over 70 years of experience in the construction of dredging equipment serving the worldwide dredging industry. The dredging tools made are all built to specific customer requirements, making use of a wide range of standard equipment. The company is fully owned by the Damen Shipyards Group.


Canlemar is a Spanish dredging contractor, doing maintenance and capital dredging jobs in the Iberian peninsula and Northern Africa. The company owns a large number of dredging vessels, amongst which several split hoppers. Canlemar is situated in the La Coruna province in North Western Spain.

About Carceller

Faustino Carceller S.L. is a well known Spanish company of naval architects who have done over 200 projects the past 2 decades. The projects include conversions, lengthenings, new buildings, inspections, stability tests etc. They cover a wide range of vessels, amongst which split hopper dredgers.

About Nodosa

The Nodosa yard is a yard which combines the disciplines of repair, conversions and new building. It has built a wide variety of vessels over the years. Apart from this dredger, it has built fishery vessels, passenger vessels, barges etc.


Source: Damen, November 2, 2011