Stansberry & Associates: Exporting LNG Will Be Boom to U.S. Economy

Stansberry & Associates Exporting LNG Will Be Boom to U.S. Economy

“Exporting LNG will be such a boom to the economy, it will be huge,” said Stansberry & Associates investment analyst Frank Curzio. Curzio – who writes the monthly newsletter, Small Stock Specialist and has coined LNG as “Eagle Diesel” – went on to say this trend could create a lot of good opportunity for investors, both in infrastructure and on the gas itself.

“We’re going to take more supply off the market, so natural gas prices are going to rise,” Curzio said.

The video was released this week in the Stansberry Media Minute.

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Frank Curzio is the editor of Small Stock Specialist, an investment advisory that focuses on stocks with market caps of less than $3 billion. He is also the editor of Stansberry’s exclusive Phase 1 Investor advisory.

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LNG World News Staff, June 21, 2013; Image: Stansberry & Associates