Stril Luna: First vessel with Rolls-Royce’s Unified Bridge

Norwegian ship owner Simon Møkster Shipping received its new offshore vessel, Stril Luna, from Gondan shipyard in Spain on 29 August.

Stril Luna First vessel with Rolls-Royce’s Unified Bridge

Stril Luna is the first vessel to enter operation with Rolls-Royce’s Unified Bridge and has now arrived in Norway to begin a long- term contract with Statoil. Unified Bridge is a physical work environment that has been adapted to a person’s natural movements, representing a new, ergonomic approach to the work on the bridge of a vessel.

All monitors, instruments and levers are designed and positioned so that the crew have full control and feel less strain during long shifts, leading to safer and more efficient operation of the ship.

Stril Luna is a platform supply vessel designed to pierce through the waves under harsh weather conditions, making it possible to keep a more constant speed, reducing the use of fuel and increasing on board safety.

Alongside Unified Bridge, Rolls-Royce has delivered the UT 776 WP design and a comprehensive integrated equipment package including main engines, propellers, thrusters, DP2, automation & control systems, electrical systems and deck machinery.

The ships wave piercing bow and Automated Sea Fastening System (ASFA), which secures the deck load, are also recent innovations by Rolls-Royce.

Ingemund Longva, Rolls-Royce, Vice president Automation & Control Offshore and President Commercial Marine, said: “The Unified Bridge concept has received considerable attention in the industry having recently signed a number of contracts with customers, including a new anchor handling vessel, an exploration yacht in addition to platform supply vessels. We are very much looking forward to seeing the Unified Bridge in operation and receiving feedback from the crew of Stril Luna.”

Earlier this year Simon Møkster Shipping ordered an identical vessel for delivery in 2016 which will also be built by Astilleros Gondán S.A.


Press Release, September 08, 2014