Subsea Processing at this year’s conference

With a session on subsea processing the Offshore Energy Conference, to be held in Amsterdam later this month, addresses a key innovative area.


Experts from frontrunners in subsea processing such as FMC Technologies, Aker Solutions, GE Oil and Gas and ExxonMobil Research Company, will present the viability of subsea processing for both green fields and brown fields.

Subsea processing provides an alternative to production equipment located on a fixed or floating platform. The subsea processing session will discuss the latest developments in subsea processing solutions including water removal and re-injection or disposal, boosting, gas separation and gas compression.

Many for the future exploring interesting oil fields are found in deep waters.

The majority of these fields consist of heavy oil with difficult properties to achieve efficient Solid-Liquid, Liquid-Liquid and Gas-Liquid separation. For subsea processing applications the footprint, weight, costs are important driving factors. The application of conventional, bulky gravity separation equipment can in many cases be a show-stopper for the development of an oil or gas field.

Speakers from Aker, Exxon, GE Oil and Gas and FMC Technologies will discuss solutions form their respective portfolios. During these presentations, several subsea processing examples will be described. The following question remains to be answered: What is required for “subsea processing” to become generally accepted?

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