Subsea UK Launches Common Induction Framework for Safety in Subsea Industry

Subsea UK’s Safety Forum has produced a common induction framework for safety in the subsea industry.

This will ensure that everyone working offshore, onshore or on-board vessels in the subsea sector will receive a common induction process before beginning work. It has been developed by sharing best practice from the main contractors to ensure a common approach to inductions.

The induction framework is primarily targeted at new employees in the sector and those going into a marine environment for the first time such as technicians from equipment manufacturing companies and those whose usual day-job is desk-bound. However, every worker should have the same level of safety competence so the framework applies to everyone connected with offshore subsea operations.

Chief executive of Subsea UK, Alistair Birnie, said: “This is a major step forward in the industry’s collaborative approach to safety and is targeted at further improving performance across the sector.”

Source: subseauk,May 25, 2011; Image: