Photo: Illustration. Image Courtesy: Høglund

Sunrise Reliance to make boxship eco-friendly with Høglund FGSS

American shipping company Sunrise Reliance has selected Norwegian marine solutions provider Høglund to provide a fuel gas supply system (FGSS) and automation retrofit to improve the environmental performance of its container vessel Horizon Reliance.

Illustration. Image Courtesy: Høglund

Under the deal, Høglund will deliver automation and FGSS for the 2,400 TEU containership.

In partnership with COSCO Shipyard Group, Høglund will deliver a total integrated solution on the vessel, including the installation of FGSS, power management system (PMS), ship performance monitor (SPM) and digital solutions for data collection, as well as the full automation of all the new systems on board the ship.

Rather than recycling this 274-meter-long ship built in 1979, Sunrise Reliance’s choice to entirely retrofit and refurbish the ship signals the company’s commitment to environmentally conscious action, according to Høglund.

Specifically, Høglund will design, engineer, manufacture, supply and deliver a fully integrated automation solution to support the vessel’s transition from steam propulsion power to a dual-fuel vessel. This includes a high-pressure FGSS – with a design supply pressure of 320 bar – and Høglund’s PMS and SPM to effectively drive fuel savings and ensure safer and more reliable vessel operations for Horizon Reliance.

As part of the total automation of the new systems on board the vessel, Høglund will also incorporate digital solutions for data collection on the ship.

The automation and digital work on the ship will effectively protect and future-proof the asset, improve its management and environmental performance, and prolong the life of the vessel.

Høglund will allow Sunrise Reliance LLC to operate in a manner that assures a greener future for the Horizon Reliance, where the new systems on board will help the ship to meet the latest regulations on carbon emissions and significantly reduce its environmental impact, as well as raise the sustainability standards and overall green profile of the vessel, the company said.

“The work that we will conduct on the vessel will result in safer and more reliable ship operations and will boost the vessel’s sustainability credentials,” David Gunaseelan, VP Sales & Marketing at Høglund Marine Solutions, commented.

‘It’s very rewarding to contribute to expanding the lifespan of a vessel that has cruised the ocean for such long time and realise we can make systems work no matter the age or condition of the vessel.”